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    Our Response to COVID-19

    In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are dropping our FREE SHIPPING threshold (From $100 to $50) for our U.S. customers. Also, we will be running a 20% discount on all apparel while our nation battles this virus. Many airshows are being canceled due to this pandemic, which has pulled us away from our market, that has been so loyal to us over the past 38 Years. It's times like these that keep us grateful for what we have built. That is, the relationships we now have with the local patrons we see every year.

    All Blackbird® orders are being handled by our limited staff wearing N95 masks and disposable gloves. All production was stopped on March 13th and no inventory was accepted past March 2nd. This helped us ensure that, no products currently in our inventory were handled during the outbreak. No one on our shipping team has contracted or showing symptoms of COVID-19. We are taking every suggested precaution seriously and abiding by them.

    Let us enjoy blue skies! Together we will beat this.

    Thank you and be safe!